Saturday, 02 March, 2024

Few misconceptions about poker you need to clear out


With the advancement in technology, people have discovered different ways to have fun. From buying something online to contacting your friends and family or finding some important information, people have started relying on the internet. Another aspect of the internet, i.e., online entertainment, has not been ignored. People look for hours of amusement and fun without them having to go outside the house. One of the forms of this online entertainment is online card games or online poker. People love to play poker99 games like blackjack, cribbage, pinochle, and many more such games.

Wrong assumptions about poker

Even though people thoroughly enjoy playing poker online, many have a few misconceptions about this game –

  • People think poker is a very big scam and that these online sites related to poker are into frauds and cheat on their players. But this is not the deal. If you play on a good reputation poker site with its license, you will not face any such problem.
  • It is said that poker is a game all about luck. This is completely wrong. Poker is a card game, and a player should always have the skill to influence the game by making correct decisions. A player needs to strategize their game and bet the highest hand.
  • Poker is considered to be an informal game where people just sit laughing and playing around. This is not correct. Poker is considered a battler more than just a game, where people fight for domination by using their skills.
  • People say poker is an aggressive game, and only people who show their aggressive side can win this game. But aggressiveness can take a back toll on the player itself. If the player is sure about the cards, then this aggression works, or else it’s better to sit back silently and observe and play the game.

These are a few misconceptions about poker. But no one is an expert from the beginning. But practicing and not believing in these misconceptions can help you learn the game. There a lot of good poker sites available on the internet. Explore some sites and start playing.

Online poker website one must try.

Numerous websites offer card games with a variety of choices. One of the websites – 99onlinePoker, is an online poker-agent in Indonesia and is the largest and the most trusted poker site for poker players in Indonesia.

This site is easily accessible and can also be downloaded on your mobile phone. This poker website offers a large variety of games and organizes different poker tournaments for its players.

So, if you are new to this game, try your hands into poker through this website and clear all your misconceptions about poker.


A game like poker requires skills, techniques, and strategies to win the game. If you have good control over your cards and know how to dominate the game, no one can stop you from winning poker.

Get through the wrong assumptions about this game by trying and playing poker by yourself.